A Beginner’s Guide to Video Game Streaming

A Beginner’s Guide to Video Game Streaming

There comes a time in the life of every video game player when they discover the joy of experiencing a video game alongside others. Sometimes, siblings watch each other defeat a hard level in a game. Other times, gamers will hang out with friends and enjoy a brand-new game together.

By using video game streaming platforms, gamers can experience their favorite video games with their friends and others in the gaming community from home. However, the world of video game streaming can be intimidating to someone new.

What resources do you need to start streaming? Why do people stream video games? What's the best type of internet for streaming?

Before we go too far, let's take a step back and cover the basics.

What are video game streaming platforms?

Video game streaming platforms provide a digital space to view and stream content. On these platforms, gamers can interact with each other while playing their favorite games. This allows for real-time competition as well.

Fortunately, it's simple to join a video game streaming service. Most are free and easy to use. By signing up for free accounts, those wanting to stream games or view other streamers can access almost anything they're interested in.

Gaming content on these platforms can be enjoyed live and on demand. This allows fans to be part of the action as it happens or catch up when they have free time.

Many streamers are also trying to earn money while doing what they love. And the most successful make a career from playing video games. Income opportunities are typically determined based on ads, your viewers and followers, and the work streamers put into making their content stand out.

Each streaming platform has its rules for monetization, so be careful to read the fine print before deciding where to stream.

Most Popular Streaming Platforms

There are many streaming platforms on which gamers can interact, and some are better than others. The top three contenders today are Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming.

Twitch has been the top streaming option for gamers for years, though its platform has undergone some changes. Video game streaming wasn't popular when Twitch launched, but streamers have found new and innovative ways to interact with their viewers through its community.

YouTube Gaming has made fresh waves in the streaming community recently. YouTube has been one of the most well-established platforms since the inception of the internet, so adding a section for live streaming was a simple decision. Through YouTube, streamers have a platform to host live events and viewers have access to the most extensive inventory of gaming videos on the internet.

Facebook Gaming is the newest streaming platform for video games. Facebook's niche is its existing connections at a streamer's disposal. Most gamers use Facebook to connect with family and friends. By adopting Facebook to allow a streaming platform, Facebook Gaming gives streamers instant access to connections made long ago.

Why is video game streaming important?

A word that is often repeated in gaming is community. Everyone enjoys video games in their unique way, but the community brings players together. Through community engagement, gamers can experience something deeper than playing solo.

A sense of comradery forms when gamers get together to debate, discuss, and dissect their favorite medium of entertainment. These communities build bridges of friendship that last a lifetime.

Streaming platforms are just one of the ways for gamers to participate in the community. Gamers can also interact with one another via online modes, which is one of the most popular genres of video games.

Plus, community platforms like Discord allow gamers to connect with small groups of friends or a large following in real-time.

How to Stream

There are thousands of resources to help you begin streaming and we could never fit them into a single article.

If you're just looking to watch other streamers and have no plans to stream yourself, simply signing up for a streaming platform allows access to live and existing content. It's as simple as having great internet and a passion for gaming!

For those who want to try their hand at streaming, the list gets longer. Traditionally, the best way to connect with your community while you stream is to be able to interact with them. A good headset and microphone go a long way to creating great conversation.

For viewers to see a streamer's content, a streamer either needs to (a) connect their gaming console to the streaming platform, which is possible on most modern consoles, or (b) for players streaming through their PC, they should invest in a capture card. Depending on what you're looking to do, research what you'll need online and reach out to others who are already streaming and get their input.

But the most important part of streaming? Your internet connection.

Best Internet for Streaming and Gaming

Video game playing and streaming can only be truly enjoyed with reliable internet.

There is no debate that fiber internet is the best internet for both streaming and gaming. This allows for strong competition and can give you an edge in the streaming community.

Fiber internet, such as the fiber provided by Kaptel is faster than cable internet. Fiber internet can transmit data for gaming and other applications 20 or even 30 times faster than traditional copper-based cable internet.

This empowers you to manage multiple devices simultaneously so you can stream your game, have a camera rolling, and be a part of your community chat.

To learn more about how Kaptel's advanced, high-speed fiber internet can power up your gaming and streaming service, follow our social pages and become a part of the video game streaming community!

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