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There have been reports of customers receiving emails that appear to be from Kaptel. These are NOT from us and are a phishing scheme. See image below.
Clicking the links in these emails can install malicious software on your devices and render your email account unusable.
Please remember to carefully vet your emails by checking the sender's email address and not just going by the "from" name.

Maximum file attachment size: 20Mb

Email account space: 15Gb

Email username: Full email address (i.e.

Password requirements:

* The Password cannot match or include the user name.
* The Password must be between 6 and 16 characters in length.
* The Password must begin with an alphanumeric character.
* The Password must have at least one alphabetical character.
* The Password must have at least one numeral or one special
character ( ., -, @, %, _ ).
* The Password must contain at least 3 different characters.
* The Password may not include common sequences (i.e. 123, abc, xyz).