How Residential Homes Get Ahead with Kaptel Telecommunications and Security 

More Than A House

Residential houses are where families and friends gather to talk, share experiences, and celebrate important milestones. They are places of relaxation and renewal – they are home.  

Any home that is disconnected in today’s demanding digital environment is at a disadvantage. When your home is offline, you and your loved ones are missing out on big benefits that technology has to offer, such as entertainment and the ability to quickly connect with others. Boost your household with Kaptel Telecommunications and Security’s residential services, including television, telephone, internet, wireless, and security. 

Experience the World from Home

As this year has progressed, many homes have been transformed into hybrid work-spots due to social distancing guidelines. Additionally, having the ability to connect with others from the comfort and safety of home is becoming more popular day by day. 

The internet and telephones are two channels of communication that people are using to keep connected. Kaptel is also making sure homes stay close and connected with residential services that people have grown to love and expect, such as television, wireless, security, and more. 

View the world from a personalized selection of television programs, stay in touch online, and clearly hear the voice of loved ones and friends by choosing residential services from Kaptel for your home.  

Online and in the Know 

How to play the guitar? What is in Gumbo? Where do opossums live? Answers to questions such as these are often found online. However, limitations become apparent when the ability to search the web and broadcast ideas is non-existent. 

As many people in the South discovered during the recent hurricane season, not being able to access the internet can take away from how we connect with others. Choose to stay in the know and keep connected with reliable internet service from Kaptel.

Active Monitoring and Protection

Safety is essential for every home. Kaptel can help you create and monitor your ideal safe place with state-of-the-art digital surveillance systems that include no-mess installations and professional monitoring. Now customers can rest assured that possessions and pets are safe and secure. Choose to reduce risk and increase peace of mind with residential security services from Kaptel.

Feel at Home with Kaptel

Kaptel Telecommunication and Security proudly provides residential services such as television, telephone, ultra-fast internet, and digital safety solutions that are dependable, reliable and affordable. Based in Kaplan and  Lafayette, Louisiana, Kaptel is an advanced multi-telecommunication networking and security systems company that has remained dedicated to serving the Acadiana area, as well as areas along the Gulf Coast, since 1952. Contact our team today for more information about residential services and solutions for your home. 

Acadiana Stays Connected and Safe with Kaptel Telecommunications and Security

Keeping Acadiana Connected and Safe

Kaptel’s top-priority is to provide exceptional service to each of the customers we work with.

We offer a multitude of communication and security services including wireless, high-speed internet, security, cable television, and digital telephone. Each of these services was designed with our customers in mind to ensure that you receive an affordable, dependable, and reliable product. 

Here at Kaptel, we understand how frustrating it can be to struggle to pay for a service or product that is necessary to your home or business. We work with customers to select service plans and payment methods that maximize cost-efficiency to meet the demands of any situation. 

Just as the 911 emergency service in Vermillion Parish depends on us, so can you. As many current customers will attest to, we are the best provider in the area for keeping communication lines open. 

You can rely on Kaptel because it is locally owned and operated by qualified and caring individuals that go the extra mile to ensure that your connections stay functional and clear.

In the spirit of keeping Acadiana connected, we feel it is important that our customers can contact our team members with ease. With our Quick Call Program, customers can speak with real service representatives, at any time of the day, for immediate answers and solutions to any home or workplace issues or inquires. 

Residential Services

Whether you are in the market for internet and cable or looking to make your home feel safer, we have the perfect services for you. Kaptel offers many residential services such as wireless and digital telephone, cable television, internet, and even home security services.  

Residential customers can rest assured knowing that their loved ones and possessions are safe with Kaptel’s digital home security system, which includes features such as active surveillance and monitoring. 

With Kaptel’s residential services, the people of Acadiana can keep in touch with ease and find peace knowing that their home is safe and sound. 

Business Services

From phone services to security systems, Kaptel offers advanced solutions for all of your business’s communication and security needs. The services offered include Managed Voice Systems, business security, business phones and wireless, business internet, and business cable. 

One example of how Kaptel helps businesses is through our Managed Voice Systems. Through the use of these systems, large businesses are able to virtually confer with people from around the world. 

Kaptel’s business services are here to help your company grow and continue to flourish in a competitive environment. 

Get Hooked Up with Kaptel

Established in 1952, Kaptel continues to proudly provide residents and businesses with affordable, dependable, and reliable services. These include high-speed internet, digital security, cable television, and wireless. Kaptel is an advanced telecommunication networking and digital security company based in Kaplan and Lafayette, Louisiana. We are dedicated to serving the Acadiana area and areas along the Gulf Coast. Visit or call 337-643-7171 for more information about how Kaptel ensures that your home or office stays connected and secure. 

6 Advanced Business Solutions from Kaptel Telecommunications and Security

When business is on the line, safe and reliable connectivity is crucial. Kaptel provides six business solutions to guarantee tech equipment will stay harm free while continuing to keep co-workers and communities connected across Acadiana.

1. Smart Security Systems

It can take years to start and grow a business, plus countless hours of hard work to maintain the momentum of success. Unfortunately, if not protected, all that hard work and progress are at risk. Kaptel provides home and commercial businesses with smart security systems to actively monitor the well-being of employees and facilities – all at an affordable price. 

From real-time viewing to text and email alerts, keep your team and office safe and secure with Kaptel Smart Security. 

2. Business Internet

Kaptel Business Internet provides lightning-fast connectivity through private and extensive fiber-optic networks that turbo charge both uploads and downloads to exceed the demands of any online business. The Kaptel BLAST WiFi system is also available as additional business solutions.

Worried about a digital defense for your business? Hackers don’t stand a chance against the private and protected servers, as well as dedicated service, of Kaptel Business Internet.

3. Business Television

It’s good for both home and commercial businesses to have a balance of mental stimulation in the office. Keep your team up-to-date and customers delighted with more than 150 channels to choose from with Kaptel Business TV. 

4. Business Phones

Caller ID, call waiting and forwarding, three way calling, and basic voice mail are just some of the telephone features that many people depend on daily, especially in important business situations. Therefore, make the best call, both locally and internationally, with Kaptel Business Phones. 

5. Managed Voice Systems

People expect to speak with others instantly and without hassle. Fortunately, businesses can now affordably manage calling frustrations with high-tech calling systems that ensure important contacts aren’t left hanging on the line. Kaptel offers apps to take your employees business lines right to their mobile phones so they never miss an important call, and sophisticated meeting applications to stay in touch. Make sure people are heard and phone lines remain open with Managed Voice Systems from Kaptel.

6. Wireless Solutions

Stay connected but cut the cord with Kaptel Wireless Solutions. High-quality, 4G LTE coverage is available nationwide at straightforward prices for workers that are on the go or rarely in one place for long. 

Your Future Business Solution

Is your home office or business disconnected or at risk in today’s high-tech world? Kaptel proudly provides businesses with super-speed broadband, digital security, cable television and wireless services that are dependable, reliable and affordable. Kaptel is an advanced multi-telecommunication networking and security systems company based in Kaplan and Lafayette, Louisiana, dedicated to serving the Acadiana area, as well as areas along the Gulf Coast. For more information about how Kaptel Telecommunications and Security ensures that businesses keep connected and secure, contact our team today at (337) 740-3636. 

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