Cable TV FAQs


Q: Can I cancel a Pay Per View program I’ve selected after it starts? A: A pay per view movie can be canceled up to 5 minutes after it has started. Adult PPV channels cannot be canceled once started.

Q: Can I cancel a Pay Per View program I’ve selected before it starts? A: Yes. Using the Interactive Program Guide, you can de-select a PPV program.

Q: Can I connect more than 2 TVs to my service? A: Yes. You will need to use a splitter to connect each additional TV. Each additional TV will only be able to view what is being viewed on one of the primary TVs. You will need an additional remote and possibly a RAP for each additional TV.
You can also connect more than two TVs by renting additional Residential Gateways (set top box). Each additional receiver allows connection of two more TVs with independent channel display. This also requires an additional cable to the home.

Q: Can I set up parental controls locks on my video television service? A: You can create a password and set parental control using your remote to control your family’s viewing. Locks can be set by channel, movie ratings, TV ratings, as well as time. This is a great feature for parents who wish to control what their children watch on KaplanTel.TV.

Q: Can I talk on the phone, watch TV and use the Internet simultaneously? A: Yes. One of the great features of Kaplan.Tel digital video service is that your phone line is not tied up when you use DSL high speed Internet or watch TV. If you have dial up access the internet your phone line will be busy, however you can still watch digital TV.

Q: Does KaplanTel.TV offer Digital Video Service? A: Yes. Kaplantel.TV service is very similar to satellite TV service. It is fully digital and offers over 100 channels of service. The quality of this service is equal to that of digital satellite reception but also carries local television channels and requires no satellite dish installation or external antenna. The service is delivered over your existing phone lines and will allow you to watch TV, use the Internet and telephone simultaneously without any disruption of service.

Q: Does KaplanTel.TV offer music channels? A: Yes! We offer 47 Music Choice CD quality commercial free Music Channels. We have a variety of music genres for all tastes and ages.

Q: How do I clean my Residential Gateway (set top box), and can I place items on top of it? A: Water and a damp rag is recommended (not household cleaners). Air vents on the top of the box should not be blocked.

Q: How do I locate a particular program? A: Press GUIDE from the Program Guide to display all programs on that channel for that day. Listings by category are available using Theme Search. If you are looking for a certain show by name, use the Title Search.

Q: How do I order pay per view movies and special events? A: You can order with your remote control. Press the PPV button on your remote. Find an event you like, choose the BUY option to purchase. Limits may be set on events you can purchase in a given time.

Q: How do I request a channel that KaplanTel.TV does not presently provide? A: Customer preferences and your input will assist us in determining new channel lineups. Please submit your requests to our customer service department listed on your bill.

Q: How do I view the Caller ID log? A: To view the Caller ID log, press CALL ID button on your remote. Although Caller ID messages appear on both TV’s you must separately clear the log at each TV.

Q: How many streams of service can I catch? A: Our system comes complete with two or three stream boxes. This will allow you to watch two or three different channels in your home at the same time. Example; if you have two stream boxes, you could watch CNN in your living room while at the same time your children could be watching the Disney Channel in the game room. You are not limited on the number of TV’s throughout your home. All of the TV’s can be on at the same time watching two different channels. Example2; Living room watching CNN Bedroom and kitchen watching HGTV.

Q: How will I be billed? A: You will receive a monthly bill with a detailed breakdown of charges for your Digital Video service.

Q: I have two Residential Gateways (set top box). Can I order a pay per view movie on one TV and watch it on TVs connected to another set top box in my house? A: No. Each pay per view order is specific to the receiver on which it is ordered. When you place a pay per view order, the receiver on which you placed the order begins displaying the signal, “authorizes you for the purchase” and stores the record of your purchase on the access card in the receiver.

Q: If I have more than one Residential Gateway (set top box), do I pay a full monthly subscription for each box? A: No. Our pricing plans are based per home. An additional monthly fee of $4.95 applies for your second set top box. Caller ID will not work on TVs connected to the second set top.

Q: If I have one Residential Gateway (set top box) that is hooked up to more than one TV, can I watch the same pay per view program on each TV without an additional charge? A: Yes. All TVs that are hooked up to one set top box will receive the same PPV signal.

Q: If the power goes out will I need to reset preferences, such are parental control and favorites? A: No. This information is stored and will reset when power resumes.

Q: My remote is not working. What can I do? A: Check the batteries in your remote. It requires 2 AA alkaline batteries. Make sure the connections to the Residential Gateway (set top box) are tight. Make sure to use the correct remote for that TV.

Q: What do I do if I’m stuck on a screen or in a menu I don’t understand and want to get out? A: You can always press the EXIT button to immediately return to watching TV. You can also press LAST CH to view the last channel you were watching.

Q: What if my equipment is damaged or destroyed? A: If your KaplanTel.TV video equipment is lost, stolen or destroyed you are responsible for the replacement costs. It’s always best to include this equipment on your homeowner or rental insurance policy to cover these losses.

Q: What should I do if my video service goes out? A: During normal business hours, call 643-7171 to report problems with your service. After hours dial 611 and leave a detailed message of your problem.

Q: When I have Caller ID service coming through my TV, will the telephone number still show up on my Caller ID phone? A: Yes. The Caller ID signal is received by both your phone and the Residential Gateway.

Q: Will digital video work on my old TV? A: Yes. Any TV with a standard coax connector will work with the service.

Q: With so many channels, how do I find my way around? A: The Interactive Program Guide lists all available programs. Use PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN to quickly go from screen to screen. Use DAY BACK and DAY FORWARD to scroll through the listings 24 hours at a time.



Q: How does it work? A: DSL works by splitting the phone line into two frequency ranges. The frequencies below 4 kHz are reserved for voice, and the range above that is used for data. This makes it possible to use the line for phone calls and data network access at the same time. It is called “asymmetric” because more bandwidth is reserved for receiving data than for sending data.

Q: How will DSL affect my regular phone calls? A: In most cases, DSL will not interfere with your phone calls and vice-versa. In some cases when you are using the same phone line for both DSL and telephone, you will need to add a simple filter device between your phone and the wall jack.

Q: What are the benefits? A: DSL modems are much faster than analog modems. The only speed limit with DSL is the speed of the Internet and all the different computers attached to it. Depending on the level of service offered by your DSL provider, the DSL modem can download data at speeds up to 6 Megabits per second.

DSL doesn’t tie up your phone line! – DSL doesn’t interfere with phone calls, even though it uses your regular phone line. What this means is that you can be on the Internet and you can pick up the phone and make a phone call on the same line.

DSL is always on! – Your DSL connection is always there. There’s no need to dial up and listen to your modem squawk every time you want to do something online. And there’s no frustration about the line dropping when you’re in the middle of browsing or downloading. Want to check your e-mail? Set up your computer to check for new e-mail and notify you when you receive something instead of logging in and checking it yourself. Want to look at just one web page? Just open your browser and look. With DSL, you are always online!

DSL is reliable! – Phone company networks are among the most reliable in the world, experiencing only minutes of downtime each year.

Q: What is DSL? A: DSL, which stands for Digital Subscriber Line, is a broadband communication technology designed for use on regular phone lines. DSL is the key technology that enables high speed internet.

Q: Will it constantly connect near the maximum speed? A: At DSL speeds, the limitations are much more the performance of the Internet server you’re trying to reach and the amount of traffic on the Internet. The Internet is a loosely coupled network of computers that are transmitting data by different methods through different computers at different speeds, so the speed you receive data with an DSL modem is limited by these factors.

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