Digital Phone

We understand that digital telephone service is still a value to our community. Bundling your digital phone with our internet and cable service can help you save money by adding all the features you can’t live without.


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Fiber Internet + Cable




Fiber Internet + Cable + Phone




DSL Internet + Cable + Phone


Calling Features


Local Calling Features

Anonymous Call Rejection $3.75

Caller ID $5.75

Caller ID With Name $6.75

Caller ID Deluxe $7.25

Call Return *69 $3.75

Call Waiting $1.75

Call Forwarding $1.25

Customer Originated Trace $3.75

Distinctive Ring $3.75

Local Optional Service (LOS) $0.97

Repeat Dialing $3.75

Selective Call Forwarding $3.75

Selective Call Rejection $3.75

Speed Calling 8 $1.05

Three Way Calling $2.25

Three Way Calling Transfer $2.25

Voicemail Features

Basic Voice Mail $4.95

Voice Call Manager $7.95

Long Distance Rates


Basic Basic Direct Dial within the U.S.
13.9 cents per minute (6 second increments)

Plus Direct Dial within the U.S.8.9 cents per minute (6 second increments) plus $4.95 monthly

Direct Dial International Please Inquire

Directory Assistance 141185¢ per call

Other 85¢ per call

Operator handled
(Operator Assisted) Will be carried by AT&T and billed on the AT&T portion of the bill at AT&T rates

800 Service 80018¢ per minute (offered to businesses only)

800 Plus 10¢ per minute plus $4.95 monthly (Residential or Business)


All Rates are subject to change at any time. For more information, please contact Kaptel at 337-643-7171.


Download International Tariff PDF

Download Inter-Toll Tariff PDF

Lifeline Program

You can save on your monthly local phone service with Lifeline service from Kaplan Telephone Company. Lifeline is a federal assistance program. Lifeline is one of the many ways we provide a helping hand in the community.

Services Provided:

(1) voice grade access to the public switched network
(2) local usage
(3) dual tone multi-frequency signaling or its functional equivalent
(4) Single party service
(5) Access to emergency services
(6) Access to operator services
(7) Access to interexchange service
(8) Access to directory assistance
(9) Access to toll limitation for qualifying low income customers when available.

Such services are available for one primary residential line for $17.00 per month. 

Lifeline provides certain discounts on monthly service for qualified subscribers. The Lifeline program provides discounts on monthly service to qualified subscribers. Lifeline program discounts are limited to one discount per household.

How to Qualify?

Lifeline is available to qualifying customers in every U.S. state. Qualifications do vary by state. States with their own programs have their own criteria. Individuals living in a Kaptel service area should call 337-643-7171 to inquire about eligibility.