Surf, stream, game, and download faster than ever!

Experience the fastest and most reliable network available in the Vermilion Parish area. With Kaptel’s Ultra Fiber you can experience the internet like never before. Stream and binge your favorite shows without interruption, support numerous wireless devices at one time, easily play multiplayer games online, and download all your photos in a snap! Call 337.643.7171 now to schedule an install.

NEW! ULTRA Fiber Internet (where available) Up to 100 Mbps/100 Mbps

$99.95 $49.99* for a limited time!
*must be combined with home phone or cable plan to receive discount **$69.99 for standalone fiber internet with no other services

Subject to fiber service availability in your area. Call 337.643.7171 for more information.


If you are looking for an Internet connection that is fast, always on, easy to use, reliable and safe then Fast Fiber & Fast DSL is the broadband solution for you.

Why you should choose Kaptel:

Speed: Kaptel is the best solution for high-speed access. Kaptel can ensure the data rates necessary to handle all kinds of applications, such as broadcast quality video, by-directional video conferencing and very fast data transfer.

Connectivity: With Kaptel, a user is always connected. Absolutely no busy signals and no strange noises coming from your modem. Being online all the time places the world at your fingertips. New applications will take advantage of being always on. This constant connection will support streaming applications such as IP Multicast that will be used for business, education, and entertainment.

Ease of use: Kaptel has proven to be easy to use. It is up and running following a single visit from an installer. Once the installation is complete, the customer simply clicks on their browser and they are connected! Nothing could be easier.

Security: Kaptel supplies a private, point-to-point connection between a user and the telephone company’s central office. Nearby customers do not share the line or cable so they have no access to another user’s data, which is vital for secure business and personal transactions whether from home or at work. Users can make purchases, transact their banking or deal with their most sensitive business issues and feel confident that the information is safe.

*Only available to Fast Fiber customers.