Five Reasons to Choose Wireless Services from Kaptel Telecommunications

Five Reasons to Choose Wireless Services from Kaptel Telecommunications

Just three decades ago, landlines were considered the best way for telephone providers to establish a clear connection between two callers. In 2020, however, cellular technology enables people to connect and share more easily than ever before.

Once you’ve decided to upgrade from your corded phone, it can be hard to figure out where to start. To make this decision simpler, we have compiled a list of five reasons that you should rely on wireless services from Kaptel Telecommunications for both your residential and business needs.

1. No More Phone Cords
Life in today’s society is fast-paced! People have less time to wrestle with unnecessary tasks like getting tied-up in telephone cords or staying attached to a stationary device. If you’re often on the go, then detach from what’s holding you back and go wireless.

2. Device Ownership and Repairs
Purchasing a device from Kaptel means it’s yours. Choose from some of the newest devices available from Apple and Samsung to call friends, send emails, surf the web, and more! Monthly payment options ensure that devices are payed off swiftly and in manageable installments.

As newer versions of phones come out, you may realize that you’d like to make a switch. The good news is that upgrades are available for purchase to make this wish come true.

Unfortunately, accidents happen and devices sometimes break. Fortunately, Kaptel offers affordable and convenient repairs for both cell phones and tablets. Call or visit one of our stores in Abbeville or Kaplan to get a quick quote and an even faster fix when compared to similar services from other companies.

3. Unlimited Connectivity
Kaptel Wireless has extremely reliable infrastructure that provides limitless coverage for callers within Acadiana and along the Gulf Coast, but it doesn’t stop there! Pairing unlimited data plans with wireless devices also helps keep customer-networks connected, both nationwide and online, through talk, text, and data.

4. Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) Phones
Modern wireless devices allow people from all walks of life to communicate with ease. Individuals with hearing complications, however, often require special devices to do so. Apple, Samsung and Kyocera are popular brands that are compatible with specific hearing aids based on FCC regulations; each brand is capable of providing high, moderate, and low levels of sound output based on the needs of the individual.

If you’re not sure which device is best for your specific hearing needs, don’t worry! You can try the devices before you buy one; so, call or visit the nearest Kaptel Telephone Company store when making your final decision. Our team is always happy to help!

5. Referral Discounts
On top of the affordable plans already available through Kaptel Wireless, referral discounts enable existing customers to earn a $25 credit for each new customer that they bring in. Referring customers are able to receive up to $150 in account credits each year; this money can be put toward either plan or device payments to reduce the total cost.

Kaptel Answers the Call

Speaking with important contacts, whether at home or on the go, is easier than ever before with wireless services from Kaptel Telecommunication and Security. Kaptel proudly provides residential and commercial solutions that are dependable, reliable, and affordable. Based in Kaplan, Louisiana, Kaptel has remained dedicated to serving areas in Acadiana and along the Gulf Coast since 1952. Cut the cords and connect by contacting our team today for more information about wireless services for your home and business.

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